Human Trafficking is in Your City!

There has been a growing movement in America to raise awareness about the horrific epidemic of human trafficking – specifically, the criminal sexual exploitation of children. An overwhelming majority of the victims of human slavery are children between the ages of 12 and 17 years old. Once a child is sold into sexual slavery, their average lifespan is just 2-4 years. These children are threatened, beaten, raped, drugged, and sold. It is truly a hopeless situation with seemingly no escape.

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What we do to fight Human Trafficking:

Public Awareness

One of our priorities is informing the public about the  local and global reality of human trafficking. Our web content, printed resources, and custom presentations will open your eyes to the problem, show you the signs of trafficking, and teach you ways to respond.


We prevent trafficking before it happens by educating organizations, ministries, and education systems who have local and/or overseas impact. In turn, these organizations will educate families and communities on how to recognize and prevent victimization proactively. 


We want to see every rescue result in a prosecution, so we alert and cooperate with all relevant law enforcement agencies during every rescue. We also work with the victims to secure their testimonies with the goal of prosecuting all who would buy, sell, or sexually exploit their fellow human beings.

Victim Services

We provide 24-hour victim transportation, tip lines, and statewide pickup services. We connect the rescued victims with care provider agencies, law enforcement, and other follow-up services. Our aftercare teams are committed to following up with victims over time to make sure their long-term needs are being met.