Get Involved

Human Trafficking is the 2nd largest criminal enterprise in the world. It is growing so fast, it is quickly heading to the number one spot. You probably know something about the current number 1 criminal enterprise – the Drug Trade – or the current number 3 criminal enterprise, (and it was number 2 only a year and a half ago.) the Arms Trade … but what do you know about Human Trafficking? Spreading awareness of this issue is critical; it cannot be allowed to thrive in the darkness and obscurity of general public ignorance of the subject. We have to spread light on this cancer if we ever hope to arrest its determined spread across every nation on the planet.

Of course, not everyone is suited for, nor interested in serving as a Shield Team volunteer, but … there is something that almost anyone can do to be a part of the solution to criminal sexual exploitation of minors: volunteer to be a part of The Defender Foundation’s Awareness Teams!

Awareness Teams are comprised of local volunteers who help spread awareness of the growing problem of criminal sexual exploitation of minors.  These volunteers help to sound the alarm online and in their communities, as they also share about The Defender Foundation and the work that we are doing to rescue, house, rehabilitate and restore victims of Human Sex Trafficking back to their God-given identity and destiny.

Everyone who is not a victim of this heinous crime has a VOICE that they are free to use to expose this criminal activity and to shed light on its dark, hidden schemes.  Here are some of the ways that volunteers on an Awareness Team might help spread the word:

  • Help spread the word about Human Trafficking statistics and The Defender Foundation upcoming events by reposting these things on social media pages
  • Add links to The Defender Foundation on your website.  “Friend” and “Like” The Defender Foundation on Facebook.
  • Host an informational meeting in your home, church, school, or business.  Invite The Defender Foundation to come in and share.
  • Go with other volunteers on Card Blitz days where you plaster public bathrooms, coffee houses, bulletin boards, etc., with information on how to know if you are a victim of human trafficking and how those victims can get help.  The Defender Foundation has pre-printed cards that can be handed out for this purpose.
  • Talk to civic groups like The Elks Club, The Rotary Club, etc.
  • Nominate The Defender Foundation for matching funds donations at your place of business.

And there is so much MORE that can be done!  Young and old alike – everyone is invited to get involved in an Awareness Team.  Together, we CAN make a difference!