Defender Task Force, LLC

What if a group of professionals banded together for a common cause?

What if people could put aside their differences and focus on what matters?

What if this could be done on a Global level?

Across the world, a global crisis is taking place. People, primarily children, are being bought and sold for their organs and stem cells. Others are stolen and sold into the sex and labor industries. A majority of these victims are woman and children. This is a $150.2 billion a year industry and the 2nd largest criminal enterprise in the world.

Someone should do something.



On the frontlines in the fight against Human Trafficking

“Goodwill Networking of Professionals for Your Safety and Security”

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Defender Task Force, LLC, is a mission capable organization of professional Instructors, Trainers and Law Enforcement experts from different countries from across the globe. With headquarters in the U.S.A. and Athens Greece, and associate offices in Canada, Ireland and Abu Dubai, we provide Training, Mobile and Kinetic Security Elements, and Policing Contracts to both Governmental and Private entities. Our professional Shield Team Officers, work as both authorized Law Enforcement Officers, and Volunteer Investigators for Victim retrieval of Human Trafficking and kidnapping victims for both Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations.




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Working with the Defender Task Force may cover a wide range of duties and opportunities to serve your community and others. We volunteer our time to The Defender Foundation in the investigations of Human Trafficking cases, and the retrievals and transportation of victims. We are not a simple Private Security Company by any sense. You may also train and contract as Law Enforcement, Security Forces and PSD teams worldwide. If you take a contract as a Shield Team Special Agent or Officer, you are expected to adhere to a high standard of honor, integrity and service. Being a Shield Team Special Agent or Officer is belonging to a team of brave men and women who are not just brave enough to light their candle outside the gates of hell, they will assault past the gates to bring captives back. Being a Shield Team Special Agent or Officer is a source of pride, a source of strength and a knowledge that you have stood, when others remained seated. We protect, we Defend, and we stand against the darkness.

We are the Defender Task Force Shield Teams




if you are in Athens, Greece currently, we are recruiting for several assignments, from investigations to PSD work. Please contact for more information and to contact our EU Shield Team General.

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